Targeted advertising space in Portland Oregon

We are a portland based outdoor advertising company with a great variety of amazing locations and spectacular options. Get in touch with us to discuss how you can have your brand and message seen by thousands of Portlanders, every day. Schedule a conversation or request a photo-sheet of our locations and opportunities:

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Digital Fridge:

Our first digital fridge has entered the Portland market. We currently have a pilot featuring VISO Energy Drink at the Stadium Fred Meyer in Downtown Portland! More on this new advertising product to come. In the meantime, Watch the video, or learn about your local energy drink Viso Energy Drink

KGW8 News:

Breaking news on KGW8. Read all about it and watch the video too. It is important to keep Portland a little weird and we love to play our part with that. This interesting campaign was proposed to us and we said why not? Watch the video

Hatch Oregon:

We are proud to be supporting members of Hatch Innovation Lab. We are supporting them as they raise money through the Willamette Week Give Guide from November through December. We will be rolling out the year with a special donation to them which we will keep a secret at this time. We look forward to being members at Hatch for years to come. You can donate too! Hatch Donations